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[12 Jun 2005|10:02am]
This weekend was AMAAAAZING! More details, later my friends, later... ;)
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[05 Jun 2005|12:21am]
Eew, I definetly just got on the scale and am not pleased my the results. After school is finished, it will definetly be hardcore exercise time and strict dieting. My facial complexion is lookin kinda rough these days too
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[31 May 2005|10:02am]
Okay, so I really haven't updated much, so I'll try to just make a list of things, since you guys know how I hate writing long paragraphs. Speaking of which, our class gets our senior paper grades back tomorrow. I hope I got a B. ;-/

Ok, well, let me talk about the house for a bit and then I'll move on. Once again, this place is the shit. It's at least a $3m or $4M shack--right on the beach. Each bedroom is huge with a full bath/jacuzzi and/or shower. Whoot! My room has a big jacuzzi tub and a two person shower. The house has an elevator. It freaking has an elevator. Who has an elevator in their house? LoL. Well, with so many floors, it does come in handy. When my dad and I were in it together, he mentioned that it reminded him of the european elevators. I started laughing because, quite frankly the size is proportional. And then I remembered when we were in London trying to get all of our big ass american luggage in that tiny elevator. Anywho, an elevator. Yes, that is some crazy stuff right there. I like the sauna. I was in it yesterday for quite some time, which gave me plenty of time to think about Nuri. :-P Although, afer a while, I was like WTF because it seemed like I was in there for longer than what I had set the timer for. So, I got out and checked and it was definetly already off. LoL. I cooled off for a bit and warmed the sauna up a little hotter and then popped back in. We walked down the to the beach for a bit, I collected a few sea shells. I Decided I will make an arrangement and do something with them later so soon as I get back home. We also played around in the pool and the hot tub. I played xbox for a bit, althought i was pissed that the Halo game wasn't in it's box...someone probably stole it...bitches. I played Project Gotham in the theatre room with like the 80in-flat Sony. SWEET. This place has like 6 dishwashers and 7 refrigerators. They're everywhere. Well, I guess you would have a lot of dishes to do...The house sleeps up to twenty adults. And we definetly only have like six adults and three kids? There's plenty of empty bedrooms. I wish some of my friends could have came with, especially Nuri. ;-P

But yeah, um...so there's just been a lot of sleeping, eating, swimming, and other stuff going on.

I have water in my right ear. I called Katie so I could find out what to do. So, I bought some ear drops. Nada. Stilling poppy crackly sound in my ear. I dont want it to develop into an inf3ction.
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[30 May 2005|11:05am]
OMFG. This morning my sister Franisha was like "I feel like Britney Spears staying in here." I told her I thought the same thing last night, and then my other sister, Marlena, admitted it too.
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[29 May 2005|09:14am]
I swear...how does this always happen before a vacation? Whether it be NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, London, Munich, where-the-fuck-ever. Shit, even Woodbridge, LOL. Once again, my parents are arguing. My mom has a few valid points, but of course there's nothing my dad can really do about it.

She just gave him back his Mother's Day card...that kinda sucks.

I want her to come with us. >tear<

We were suppose to be out of here like around 8:00, but my sister, Lora, over slept so we pushed it back until nine. It is now 9:10. *shrug* But my dad is trying to get my mom to come with us, but I don't think that's working too well. I tried for like two minutes, but I don't want to have her do something she doesn't want to do, why put her six hours from home and make her miserable? Exactly.

*shrug* Well, if she does seperate from my dad, I guess now would be the best time to do so with everyone gone for a week.



On a happier--much happier--note, I met this gorgeous guy named Nuri at Apex. More details about him later.
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[26 May 2005|03:59pm]
So, Carrie won American Idol? I was planning on watching it when I got up from my nap, but I read Chase's away message and he spoiled everything for me, JK. LoL. Err, my iPod came back online last night. I just knocked the back casing with my knuckles a few times and then it booted up. Then I did a hard drive copy of it to my new hard drive, but I think like 500 files or something didnt copy...WTF, man, WTF. I just wanted to have a third copy of my songs incase something happens to the other two...crazy...

My little Brigette got her hair cut yesterday, she looks so pretty. I swear, at certain points I think she's the only one who loves me...LoL. But who am I fooling? I have plenty of people that love me :)

Yeah, homeboy didnt do ANY of his homework last night. I was going to after taking my nap, but decided to say FUCK IT! :) I got what needed to be done, done though.

I'm heading out to the mansion on the beach this Sunday. It's going to be FOO-KING awesome! Its for like 9 King bedrooms and 10 baths, a game room, gym, pool, and all that fun stuff. AHH! I need to have a party down there. I asked Saretta to come with, but I don't know if she's still planning on it or whatever...I mean, it is a lot of school to miss, and that girl's already missed like 45 days (exaggerating...). But yeah, man...it's gonna be off the hizzle.. I hope a lot of hotties are out on the beach. Yum. ;-P

Yup, yup, yup. Jackie adopted me for Senior Slave day, she's going to make me look STRAIGHT. She said she's going to make me wear my hair down, wear PLAID, and straight people jeans. I think she even mentioned making me wear a Dixie Outfitter's Shirt? O.M.F.G. O_O LoL. I dont know how we're all going ot coordinate this stuff though. Eh.

I have so much trig homework to do! Stupid me not doing my homework all week...lol, thats okay though.

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[24 May 2005|05:06pm]
Okay, I need to write about this weekend! LoL.

Saturday was hectic, let me tell you. Getting everything set and ready for Prom and all that shiznat. I had like 30 sent/received calls made on my cell before the limo showed up. It was such a good feeling seeing everyone by the limo dressed up all snazzy...I was proud of them all. Girls who went and got their nails and hair done-did who normally don't and the boys dressed up all clean. :) It was nice. We snapped a lot of pictures, which I will hopefully have posted later, that I hope turned out great.

I had so much fucking fun. Dancing dirty with a few of my boys, which of course mostly everyone was talking about at school. Dinner was phenomenial. We ate at this little Medeterranean (sp?) place downtown. I got Jenni's, mine, and Derrick's meal, as well as dessert. I'm sure it sucked for the waiter seperating our like 12 checks, LoL. When I was checking mine out, the bill was only like $55. It turned out he left off one of the filet mignons, so being the good citizen that I am, I told him about his error and he was very appreciative that I did. :-P

Prom, kinda well, the decorations kinda sucked. But I had a *Great* time dancing with Ryan and Derrick and all of my girls. Maddy went friggin wild, I asked her if she had been drinking! LoL. Then, this one black girl came up to me and started grinding up on me. At first I was like who the HELL is this? But I didnt want to say anything and be rude. A few people were staring at us so I decided just to go along with it so she wouldnt look stupid getting denied by me. It turned out to be my friend Amanda. LoL. :)

Ugh, I don't feel like writing right now I'm so tired. So I'll just sum it up

1. Everyone looked great
2. The limo was FUCKING awesome (I wouldn't accept anything less. ;-P jk lol)
3. Having most of my friends in the limo was even MORE awesome than the limo itself
4. Dinner was lovely
5. Dancing at prom was lots of fun :-P
6. The ride back to BF's house with people making out in masses was fun to watch (of course, I didnt make out with anyone except a few kisses to Jackie and Jenni)
7. After prom was fun and I won a prize ;)
8. I had my palm read and I like what she said, even though I'm sure she was making the shit up which makes me want to go to a reputable palm reader just to make comparisons
9. Nothing could have made my night better except for one thing...and I'm sure you can guess who/what it is.

oh yeah...

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[21 May 2005|12:04pm]
Whoo! Prom TONIGHT. Should be full of fun! Most of my babies are coming with me, so it's guaranteed to be a blast! Although, some last minute changed to reservations were made, but other than that, everything is going smoothe. As soon as I get off work, my ass needs to go home and tidy up some of the rooms since I'm picking Derrick and Saretta up and they're getting ready over at my house. YAY. My house is weird. It's so tricky. It's like "look at me..I'm a big pretty brick house"...it's devious. On the inside it's a mess. The outside leads you to believe otherwise. *sigh*. LoL.

Uhh...yeah! So I was talking to Ryan and he said some of the people dropped out of dinner? Que?? So, I have no idea who's meeting us at the resturant and not riding with us in the limo.

Limo Passengers
-Jenni (My Date)
-Katie (Mah Medical Girl)
-Thomas (Hmm..I dont have a nic name for him.)
-Ryan (BF)
-Brittanny (Ryan's Date)
-Adam (My Crazy Asian)
-Jackie (Adam's Date)
-Saretta (My African American Princess)
-Derrick (My Jail Boy)

Resturant People>

Hmm...whadddeva! I'm glad I was able to arrange for Derrick to come. I can't believe that his "other friends" couldn't make it happen. I'm sure they tried /start sarcasasm really hard /end. Their excuse was "All the people I knew at Forge had already signed up guests or weren't going." That's great that they didn't even think that I went to Forge. See, originally, I was going to make arrangements. When I was talking to Lindsay when I was getting Jenni's corsage, I asked her if she thought Derrick might want to come to my prom...she said probably and that someone else on another side was going to be making those arrangements. I told her, "It's probably not going to happen unless I intervene somewhere." And alas, I had to. Like an hour after school ended...I picked him up and we drove back to Forge after-hours. :-P

OMG. Last night at dinner for Jackie's birthday. We had an attractive waiter. At the end of the dinner Alex goes, "My friend Patrick thinks your really cute...and he wants your number." OMFG. LoL. He turned out the be "straight" mm hmm, whatever girlfriend, and with a girlfriend. It was hilarious.

Afterward I went to Wawa to get gas. What a retarded name for a gas station...almost worse as Sheetz. Well, there is this group of black thug guys in the middle of the road at the gas station, and they still aren't fucking moving! So, I just drove around them and into a spot. I left my wallet in the car and just got out one of my credit cards to wipe in the pump. Well, this big ass black guy comes up to me--with gold teeth, of course.

Him: Hey my man...you look like a man who wears cologne
Me: Actually, I don't (trying to hope he would go away) Thinks to himself: damn, people are marketing their products at a fucking gas station??
Him: Here, take a look this and see if you like anything (gives to me while I'm pumping gas)
Me: (Looks at a list of Designer names) Actually, I'm a bit crunched for time...do you have a phone number I could order?
Him: Nah, man, I'm from out of town
Me: Really, where from?
Him: Richmond
Me: Oh, that's cool...
He exits.

I was scared for a while, and then I saw the other black people trying to get other people to buy their cologne from a trunk. WTF. It's fucking 9:30 at night and at a GAS STATION. *Rolls eyes*

*Note to self: Don't go to gas stations at night anymore...like the ATM (even though I do both...lol...i'm going to get raped one day.

Everyone is going to look so gorgeous tonight! I'm going to take pictures with my sister's like 12 mega-pixel camera when we are at my house so we can get some great photos. Derrick, Saretta, and me will probably play around with it some before people get there. LoL. YAAY.

I better not fucking forget Jenni's corsage. I know I'm going to forget it. As a matter of fact, I'm going to get a post it note right now, and post it to my rear view mirror or somewhere noticeable like that in my car. :-P

Over a month ago, I was looking forward to this weekend so incredibly much because I thought I'd be going with Derek at the time. So much personal revelation would have taken place--and schoolwise too. But alas, that didn't work out--I'm not upset over it or anything since I'll be around phenomenial people and have my girl Jenni hanging off my arms. :-D I hope she likes her corsage. She better. I didn't know which one to get her, so of course I asked the florist for their most expensive one...hoping that's the best. LoL.

But yeah, I'm a very optistmic person that believes in the Universe as a higher being. For instance, right now wasn't the right time in our lives (I suppose) for Matiland and I to have a serious relationship. But, that doesn't close the door for the future, ya know? *shrug*

So, that changes my plans for next weekend--possibly. I was going to dedicate the whole weekend to spend with him, but now since we're not on that level any more, I should spend a little bit of time with him and then go to Melissa's Cabin Party that I want to go and come back on Sunday. But then there's also the beach thing. I have to get that shit straighted out. I only wanna miss one day of school because if I miss more than that, homeboy will be taking his physics exam and that is the *LAST* thing that I would ever want to do in my life. So, that means I would have to head down there after second period thursday to South Carolina and come back Sunday instead of spending the whole week down there. UGH. And I'm sure my mom doesn't want me to drive down there, because she's crazy paronoid like that.

Hmm, well I guess I'll go get back to work...LoL.

I came up with a cool proverb last night: "The grass that grows slow is never cut" If you think about it and analyze it for a bit you'll get it's deeper meaning.
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[20 May 2005|10:12pm]
Well, I would have to say that was the shortest relationship I've ever been involved in.

"Patrick, you go through guys like I do tampons." WTF ever. LoL. But yeah, this one girl had a tampon out...and well, I decided it would be a good laugh to open it up and drop it into my water bottle. It was hilarious. The look on people's faces when they saw it. 'Is that what I think it is?' Actually, I was quite disappointed by its ability to absorb liquid. I maked off the inital volume of the water with a high lighter and measured it afterward. The results were very disappointing...it must have been a generic Food Lion brand or some shit.

Over all, school was S-H-I-T today. For the obvious reasons and then some. I did my hair down today. I got mixed reviews. Either you loved it or hated it. Or you said it made me look younger or older. WTF people. LoL. I wanted to wear my black NY track jacket, but I couldn't find it so I wore the brown one. Yes. I <3 NY bitches.

I have a sparkly bandaid. It has really been my focus point all day. Katie gave it to me at China Wong a few weeks ago. I found it in my jeans pocket. I opened it up in English class today...I expected it to be dull with like glitter. After opening up the package and seeing what was inside, by eyes popped out and my mouth opened gasping (in the middle of an english lecture, of course). THIS IS REALLY SHINY AND SPARKLY AND GLITTERY! It's a foil band-aid. It's the shit, I've been staring at it all day. I <3 Katie. I've just been saying to people "Look at my sparkly bandaid!" and then start rotating my finger.

blah blah blah...at the last minute--well, actually like an hour past--I got Derrick signed up to go to our prom. I really wanted him to go, so I made it happen. :)

Afterwar, I finally dropped off 1984 over at Evy's house and then went to Fredericksburg to go to the spa. I got a European facial and after that my hair cut. Let me tell you, best fucking facial I've ever had...granted it's the most expensive facial i've ever had..but it 's still the best..

Then Walmart to pick up some hair gel and then out to dinner with a few friends to Celebrate Jackie's birthday. And now, home.

Prom tomorrow. Should be fun. My parents got my friend and I a 10 passenger limo. I can't wait! :)
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[19 May 2005|04:07pm]
Okay, life's been a little busy lately. Healing the world, doing my senior paper, talking to Maitland and a few others, trying to balance a little social outtings in here in there, crazy stuff.

I'll start from last friday. I got out after second period, picked up my check from work, deposited it at the bank, got my nails manicured, and then went to walmart to buy some goodies for the hotel room. I bought some caprisuns and bottled water (which i accidentally left both of them in the trunk of my car at home), some danishes, oreos, fruit, and chips. That night I hung out in the lounge-bar area downstairs with some friends...later we went up top to the bar/club dome thingy. I was such a good boy, I didn't drink AT ALL, even though the opportunity presented itself many--and I mean many--times. But, we all know that Patrick is gone after just two smirnoffs...LoL. The seminar itself went pretty well. I didn't get as many sessions as I expected, but eh, I really don't care. Some of the people were fucking bitchy and irritated. I would have set them bitches in their place if I wasn't representing the reconnection. Blah blah blah, nothing too exciting...I didn't really get to talk to Matiland much that weekend until Sunday. My dad was like two hours late picking me up! So, I headed up to Eric's room while he was discussing some business with Renaud and I was just chilling on the couch talking to my baby.

I took off work monday in hopes that I would actually write my senior paper, but I ended up just sleeping and talking on the phone. Tuesday I was really going to buckle down and do it. I ended up just writing my introduction and then a few sentences. I kept getting distracted with AIM and the phone. But they, there was a lot of juicy gossip going on Tuesday, so I had to get the latest details. At one point as I was about to start the next paragraph, Evy called and then later Maitland beeped in, so of course I clicked over...we talked for a while. He was so sweet though, he realized that he was preventing me from doing my paper--but I didn't care. Him now, paper later. :) Then i talked to like five more people and then I just said fuck it and just decided to leave school early on Wednesday (when it was due) and finish it up. I did, but not exactly like I planned.

Tuesday was also when Maitland and I became official. I was going to wait a little longer before I asked him out, but it just sorta happened. I knew it was coming, so why not sooner than later? :) He's so sweet, thoughtful, and treats me the way that I should be treated. He's my cute italian jesus looking hippy teddy bear. :P I wish we could hurry up and fucking see each other, but like I said earlier, this may has been the BUSIEST month of my whole life. Seriously, folks. Thank god it's winding down.

Derrick gets out this Saturday. YAY. I'm sure he'll be different...hopefully I will get a chance to see him since it's Prom weekend.

In first period today, there was this "Prom Promise" thing...a little certificate that you sign saying that you wont drink or do any drugs this weekend. (I guess any OTHER weekend it's okay). I didn't sign it because well, I didn't want to break my word...not that I plan on drinking or doing drugs ANYWAY. But still. So like at the end of class, my teacher starts to count up the little slips. One is missing. She makes an announcement "Okay, WHO didn't sign the promise? I'm missing one." She asks again. I finally say it was me and she asks why. I reply with "I don't plan on drinking or doing drugs anyway. Signing the little paper would be pointless. I have my own ethics and morals blah blah blah" She was like "do I need to tell you horror stories" and la la la because she's an EMT.

God I have so much trig work..and here I am typing away in my LJ. Haha. Maybe I'll leave work early and go home..it's kinda dead here anyway. *sigh*

I looked cute today. The "scuba" shirt and a pair of X2 jeans, and my B.A.D. belt. Whoo!

Okay, I'm going to stop this entry here.


[BTW, his name isn't Maitland, that's just the name I call him to protect his identity since he's not out to everyone yet.]
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[18 May 2005|10:52am]
You scored as A Romantic. You're a romantic through and through. You may not ever have very many partners, but it's ok. You know that it's about the person who you're having it with, and that the sex is more of a fun biproduct - a very fun biprodict. You know how to make your partner happy, and that's what it's all about.


A Romantic


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[17 May 2005|08:17pm]
Patrick is now widthdrawn from The Market.
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[08 May 2005|01:03am]
I found the quiz results to be quite accurate, except for one key: 'You are 100 percent guaranteed to cheat" What the eff? We all know I would be 110 percent loyal and devouted to the one I'm with, with a zero chance of infidelity.

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is 100%. You are not suited for a monogamous relationship.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

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[07 May 2005|12:34pm]

Last night = mas divertido! I had so much fun with everyone. I almost had to go diva...because I almost missed getting Evy a ticket. Regardless, I would have gotten us in anyway because, well you know--I'm Patrick Maier.

ALL my bitches did so good last night! I'm proud of ALL of them, especially Maddy, Coutney, Biff Biff, Brit, and George (even though I don't consider him one of my bitches). LOL. <3333

Afterward, most of us went out to CHINA WONG! LoL. It was cool hanging out. I won't even say what went on afterward, just to protect myself and others from a possibility of being prosecuted. *COUGH* When I got back in my car, I noticed that Chase sent me three texts and called, stupid me leaving my phone in the car. I called him back, but my signal sucked, so I told him I'd call him at the house. Then, I came home--saw a demon sitting ontop of the church sign in Hartwood, a lil bit scary, luckily I was on the phone with Katie at the time. Came home and talked to Chase for like and hour and a half until I was just about to pass out because I was so sleepy. But, it was worth it. ;) Then, I came upstairs and fell asleep before I even hit the bed. Waking up was not fun today, but it only took me like three minutes to get over it.

I look so cute today! I'm wearing a red dreshirt with a pair of red/blue pinstriped black (very expensive) pants. I bought this liquid gel when I was at the hair salon from AVEDA. MMM, Like i mentioned earlier, I love those guys! They are a girl's dream come true. It's called Confixor, the stylist said it provides a medium hold, but so far it just seems like a light hold. So, I used more today to see where that's going to get me. IT SMELLS SO FUCKING GOOD! Up there with my ylang-ylang myrrh body wash. I also bought some lavendar essential oil, so I can put a few drops in it in my baths (not that I normally get enough time to TAKE baths, but hopefully now I'll make time), can be mixed in with with a lotion for massages, and blah blah blah. I wouldn't cook with it though.

When I got that link for the gel, I clicked on a spa that Aveda promotes in TN. I read their website and brochure for like thirty minutes, drooling over some of the services they offfer...I love to spoil myself. SPA certificats are about to be added to my birthday wishlist, I can't believe I forgot it! LoL. My hair smells to pretty.

Monkey, monkey, monkey.


I want a new car, but I don't. I love my little Civvy. I should ask mom if I could take the Cobra to afterprom. LMFAO. I would like park it over in some othe parking lot than Funland so some stupid ass teen doesn't fuck with it. ESP. if those jealous bastards knew I was riving it.
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[03 May 2005|08:21pm]
God. Patrick. Today=craaazay.

I need more me time, I swah-err. *slumps down in his chair* I drank a Smirnoff Green Apple when I got home...last one I had from like over two months ago...I remember I bought a case one of the times Derek pissed me off for not having me come down one weeked. I hid the last one in my massage table case down in the basement. Scandalious.

I got a letter from Derrick on Saturday. That made me happy :) Friday and Saturday night was filled with fun. They consisted of Adam, Dustin, Saretta, Syrita, Josh, Courtney, Carly, and some mo' folk; and shit loads of alcohol that i stayed away from. ;-P.

I bought Julie's Birthday presents today. An Elvis Hoodie and a pair of Elvis Capri sweatpants. They were just too cute! I went ahead and got the shipping overnighted since it takes like 3-5 days to have the shit boxed up. The totaly was like $90. Not too bad. I still gotta buy Dereks. His lack of communication with me makes me reconsider it. But alas, he should be surprized with what he's getting. And yes, I spell 'surprised" with a "z". It's much more modern.

Yesterday, I put new contacts lenses in. I have two boxes. One for my left eye and one for my right eye. I ended up putting both left-eye prescriptions in my eyes. I didn't noticed until I got to school and realized everyone was fuzzy in my right eye. Stupid as me. I even realized that while I was leaving my bathroom, that one box was empty and the other had two packs left in it or something like that. Whoo for stupidity.

So, prom is coming up. Uh-oh's! ;-D Gaah. I get confused easily. I have a few more decisions to make. ;-P.

I told Brittanny that we should crawl around on the floor in the auditorium, just expressing ourself creatively, well, she decided we should have a crawling race. I agree. I start crawling at a rapid pace. I skin my knee. It burns like a mofo. I forgot I was wearing a pair of jeans that have rips in then. I bleed. I get a band-aid from the nurse.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Work. Was. A. Bitch.
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[27 Apr 2005|09:54pm]
LOL. Rumour is that Patrick is very superficial when it comes to dating. He only dates men who are upper class, a bank account full of money, men who are models, and drives a nice car; not for love. Wow, that's a nice thing of a friend to say about me. *cough* Need I put my last boyfriend in retrospect for her? *shrug*. There's only two people's who opinions matter to me: Me and my Mother's. And then after those two, Ryan's. ;)
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[26 Apr 2005|06:26pm]
Well, last night after getting home from work I took some tyenol to ease my headache and slept for about three hours. Woke up and checked my cell phone. One new text message, two missed calls, and one new voicemail. Who knew I was so popular? LoL. Glad I had it off, because waking me up wouldn't have been cool. Last night was filled with personal drama, as well as family drama. My own drama, I had to tell Dustin about where I stand right now relationship wise. I knew it wasn't what he wanted to hear and probably sent his night to hell, but he had to know how I feel. Family drama, I won't even get into it [however, it doesn't involve me, so it's not too crazy.].

My physics test ended up being postponed until tomorrow. This shit is so confusing. We've been studying electric forces and electric potential energy and that shizz. It definetly doesn't feel like we should be on page 635 in the book. o_O. No one understands, including myself. Government, I did my anatomy worksheets; english, I did my trig; in trig i took a test; in anatomy, we dissected a sheep heart [we had to put an identifier on the bag, so i named ours 'the broken heart'], it wasn't half bad. I probed my finger in it's many orffices. LoL, of course, we were suppose to. In drama, I finished doing trig, and then preformed my BC Powder commerical. I had to do two takes, since Brittanny decided to come in and hand me the bottle, even though as far as I know BC powder is like a strip and doesn't come in a bottle, but a rectangular package? LMaO and I knew it was going to disrupt my flow, but it came out nicely second take.

I think I'm going to be sending in my letter to GMU tomorrow. Maybe I should think about it some more before having Ryan decide where I'm going to school at. o_O. Or not, he seems to be a pretty good life coach, for the most part.

Work wasn't too horrible, but it was busy for the most part. On my way there, I found out that my sister-in-law would be heaving an emergency cesecerian section. The baby's embellical cord somehow got wrapped around it's neck; if her water was to break, the baby would be immediately strangled. Everything came out okie-dokie. The little baby girl weighs 8lbs 8oz. Still yet to be named.

I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to order in some Chinese before leaving the office and take it home. I decided to skip it. ;-P Mmm, cheese wongton taste so good! On the way home, I had time to give Dustin a ring back. I had to go and take my sister's pup out since she and her husband left on a spur of the moment trip to North Dakota since my brother-in-law's father is about to cross-over. o_O. That should make things fun at the office. Hopefully we'll be able to keep everything in order.
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[24 Apr 2005|01:10pm]
I had a pretty nice weekend, to say the very least. Friday I went to work, dinner with my dad and sister's family. Afterward, I went to Stafford to meet Dustin at Target, and then to Blockbuster to see if anything striked my interest. Went home, I think I got online for a few and then went to bed. Went back to work on Saturday morning, Ryan stopped in and we chatted for around ten minutes. After work, I hit up the mall and then came back to work because I needed some paper towels because parts of my interior were wet from the rain since I was a dumbass and left my moon roof titlted. Thats the first thing that made me late picking up Dustin. Then my sister made me stay at the office for about half an hour. Finally came home, took puppy out, and then begin to get ready. Of course, it was already like 5:40 and I was suppose to pick Dusty up at 5:45. Of course, all of you know that I usually run late, and I was anticipating to this time. But, it happened. I'll just put the rest of my Saturday in a list format since I'm too lazy to write it in paragraph form.

+/I looked hot before leaving the house
-/I couldn't decide if I liked my hair
-/I was late picking him up
-/I couldn't remember what street to turn on
+/He looked nice
++/He surprized me with white chocolate truffles as soon I came into his house
+/We had a good dinner that he paid for. How sweet :)
+/Dusty showed me his phone. I was on the background.
+++/Went to go see Aminitty Vile with him and some forge friends and watched Dustin scream his ass of and jump completely out of his seat
+++/Held hands with him :)
+/Went to Starbucks with everyone afterward and bought our drinks and my fruit salad.
++/Saretta showed up
+++/Saretta and I went out to the Starbucks parking lot, she put some hip-hop on and we started dancing like we were in the club [we both wanted to go, but alas I couldn't]. Then these black guys driving by stopped and complemented Saretta.
-/When Saretta and I were coming back inside, they were closing Starbucks. :(
++/Stayed after for a bit and took some cute photos with Dusty and Saretta.
---/Had to take Dusty home
+/Went over to Ryan's and chatted with him for a bit, even though I knew I was going to be late.
+/Mom didn't care I was home 10 minutes late. ;D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also, my mom called me and said that we rented this Mansion on the beach in the Outerbanks for week. My mom said it's around $6,000. o_O. I forgot what the dates were, we'll be spending Memoial Day week or something like that though. I think it going to be my brother, sisters, and my uncle's family too. Whoo!
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[18 Nov 2004|10:08pm]
Alright, so it's been what, almost a year since I've updated? LOL. Oops?

Well well, where do I start?

I need a boyfriend. I need more of a life. I need to be closer with my friends. I need sex. Well, not really, LOL. But, someone with a hot body that I can rub up against. Well, yes. Sex. LOL.

I'm showering then going to sleep. Goodnight. I'm sure a juicer post will roll around here later.
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Little embarrassed [16 Dec 2003|05:50pm]
Last night after I took my shower I put my robe on and got on AOL. After I was done with that I was getting ready for bed..turning my fan on, turning off one light and turning the light that's closer to my bed on. I shedded my robe and decided I wanted to jack off to porn before I went to bed. So, I turned off my other light so my dad would think I was asleep. But, then I noticed one of my friend's signed online. I im'ed her and we chatted for a while. So I'm sitting her in my chair, dick naked, typing to my friend and then BAM my door pops open and my dad enters. He's all like "What the hell? Why are you naked?" and I asked him why he didn't knock. And then he said he came into my room because he wanted to get these glasses that were on my night stand that have been there for a couple of days. So I'm like whatever, still sitting down naked with an erect cock. So, he left the room and went down stairs. While this is going on, I put on some night pants and then I hear one of my glasses rolling down the steps. It was so funny. I was like "damn, I didn't know I had startled him that much." Though, I was surprised that the glass didn't break, to my knowledge at least. haha.
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